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Nótaí NCC @ 17/02/14

Sinsir | Mionúirí
Senior & Minor training for the new season at the usual times. Contact Ryan 07834 906992 (seniors) or Damien (minors) 07516 265340 for updates and inclusion to teamer.

Tour The Lough Update
The NCC cycle marathon around Lough Neagh goes ahead on Sunday 1st June 2014. Entries & payment for the 100 mile, 5 counties challenge can be made the club website and/or contacting Paul on 07747301263.

Here is the fifth cycling advice column from local guru 'The Master' -

 N.C.C.C.C. 5
The Naomh Colum Cille Cycle Challenge has caught the imagination of people from far and near. If only half of those who have already been spotted out training, turn up for the event, then it is going to be a great success.
    By now you should be familiar with your bike, and going out for a cycle should be part of your weekly routine. One of the best things you can do now is to challenge someone - a brother, sister, father, mother to do the cycling event with you. Having someone to train with is a great motivator. Between now and June you will hit bad patches and your enthusiasm will wane; but not wanting to let someone else down will get you through these patches and inspire you for the challenge.
     This week your target spin should be 15 - 20 miles. Don't be intimidated by those you hear boasting about doing 40 - 50 miles: - you are preparing for an event that takes place in June NOT March. Choose a fairly flat 15 - 20 miles circuit and cycle it without pushing big gears. Enjoy your spin.

Baillraíocht / Cairde Cholum Cille

Club membership for 2014. Closing date fast approaching (31st March 2014). Vital all players join to be covered by injury insurance. Remember - no membership, no insurance. Fees unchanged. Family £45 (Two Adults, two U18s), Adult £20  U18 £10  U14 £5. The new Cairde scheme launched soon. Membership automatic for Cairde members. Contact An Cláraitheoir (The Registrar) Niall on 07749 953623.

Iomáint faoi dhíon | Indoor Hurling
Mon -  U14 (T. Paul 07747301263)
Tues - U6 & U8 (T. Damian 07889432690)
Thurs - U10 & U12 (T. Shay 07720 593906)

In Hall at Clochóg. Times are 6.30 to 7.30pm. Cost £1. Bring water. Fáilte roimh báireora úra. New hurlers welcome.

Liathróid Láimhe | Handball
Handball in the hall each Wed. Times are 7-8pm for Primary and 8-9pm Post-primary and adults. £1 each. Bring water. Fáilte roimh chách.

Soláthar agus Deisiú na gCamán | Hurley Supply & Hurley Repairs
To buy a camán or require one mended, see Paul (07747301263)

Téarmaí sa CLG | GAA Terms

An Cláraitheoir  – [un clareehorr] The Registrar

Baillraíocht - [ball-ree-ockt] - membership

Iomáint - [um-onsh] - hurling

Faoi dhíon - [fwee yeen] - under roof/ indoor
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